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Who we are?

Handbook tuts is an Architectural Visualization Studio & Online Educational Company

Our Motive?

To provide enriched online classes those who are preparing for the next step in their career and broaden their horizons.

Who founded?

In 2019, Chetak T & Aiswarya Divert founded Handbook tuts.


Handbook tuts is based in Calicut, Kerala

Our Story

In 2018, we entered the first ever job of our life as architectural visualization mentors at Cadspot software training institute. At that time, 'Our own company' became a dream of our life. 

After many plans, we concluded into a goal that has 12 steps to go. The first step was freelance works. The completed works gave us the confidence for our next steps. The next step was a Youtube channel. And after 1 year that came true. "HANDBOOK TUTS".

Our supporting pillar Rachana suggested the name.

After that, we setup a temporary office with the help of our friend Neethu Jijesh (Managing Director, Cadspot software training institute).

And now, we are here with our valuable students in our online classes as our next step.

Actually its a beginning, now we can all focus on the vision we have for it !!

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